Full Tummy Project is a ministry of 7 Mile Post Road designed to address childhood hunger on a local level. This ministry serves children in Clements High School, Blue Springs Elementary, and Tanner High School. We believe that no child should ever go hungry. Yet many children who depend on school provided meals have little or no access to nutritious foods on weekends.

Full Tummy Project provides small bags of food on Fridays for children who have been identified by school administrators as at risk for hunger. The food in these weekend meal bags helps these children return to school on Monday ready to learn.
We appreciate Tom and Debbie Amerson for taking the time to deliver the bags each week.

 Facts about Childhood Hunger:

  • 50% of students in Athens Schools qualify for Free Breakfast-Lunch assistance.
  • 27% of families in Athens have a yearly income of less than $24,999.
  • One in four people in a soup kitchen line is a child.
  • Alabama has one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the nation.

Benefits of Weekend Meal Programs:

  • Increased school attendance
  • Improved academic performance
  • Decreased behavior problems
  • Better health and self-esteem
  • Decreased stress and worry
  • Better relationships with other students

How you can help:

    • Donate food items from our shopping guidelines list below.
    • Make a monetary donation that can be used to purchase food.
    • Pack bags and bring them to the church to be distributed. Use the shopping guidelines below or get one at the Connection Center.
    • Volunteer to help Tom and Debbie deliver on weeks they are unavailable do it.  

Full Tummy Project Shopping Guidelines (Full Tummy Shopping Guidelines PDF)

**Items MUST be in single serve packaging, easy to open, and ready to eat without any preparation! We are unaware of conditions at home like microwave availability and/or adult supervision. Place items in quantities indicated into a Wal-Mart bag and bring to the building ASAP and place in boxes provided. Please avoid doing “extra”. We want to be fair to all.

Drink Ideas: (Pick 2 of one kind or one of each)

100% Juice boxes/pouches or shelf stable milk.

Breakfast ideas: (Pick 2 in any combination)

Individual boxes of cereal OR

Cereal/breakfast bars OR

Ready to eat oatmeal with fruit cups (usually found on aisle with applesauce) Poptarts

Lunch Ideas: (Pick 2 of the same or one each)

Vienna Sausages OR

Peanut butter/cheese crackers

Dinner Ideas: (Pick 2 in any combination)

Chef Boyardee Pop-Top meals such as ravioli, spaghetti, chicken and rice, etc Spaghetti-Os OR

Ready to eat soups (not condensed) OR

Beannee Weenees OR

Ready to eat rice cups

Snack Ideas: (Pick 2 in any combination)

Fruit cups/ applesauce cups OR

Raisins / any other individually packaged dried fruit OR

Trail mix or nuts OR

Granola bars OR

Fruit chews OR

Single serve packs of crackers (ie. Goldfish, wheat thins, teddy grahams, etc)